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Nathan Mumm - Technology Leadership In the Time of Covid-19

Today’s guest is Nathan Mumm of Elite Executive Services. His company provides high end IT CIO services on demand for small to midsize businesses, while also hosting technology leadership groups across the US. Nathan has worked in a variety of tech leadership positions, most notably for Microsoft. He serves companies by acting as an outsourced CIO and can provide greater reaching expertise in his field than if he were a full-time employee at a single company. 

In his interview, Nathan shares some of his experiences developing game-changing technology like the Xbox and Sharepoint. Additionally, he shares insight on how technology is rapidly advancing due to Covid-19. Nathan points to some real-world examples and speaks to what kind of innovation we may see in the near future. This acceleration is largely made possible by his technology leadership groups, which bring leaders in technology together to help speed the spread advancements across businesses. Listen to learn more about these groups, gain a network of tech experts, and help find strategic alliances.

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